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HMS Dunedin Tribute

The story of the World War II cruiser USS Indianapolis, sunk in the equatorial Pacific in 1945, was popularized in 1975 by the movie Jaws. Crewmen from the British light cruiser HMS Dunedin endured a similar tragedy in the equatorial Atlantic in November of 1941. Their story is comparatively unknown.

An obscure reference to HMS Dunedin within a 1958 shark book titled Shadows in the Sea led on a long path to a wreath-laying ceremony in remembrance of HMS Dunedin on the 80th Anniversary of her sinking by a German U-Boat. Honorary Survivors of USS Indianapolis CA35, USS Indianapolis CA35 Legacy Organization, and the Indiana War Memorials Commission laid a wreath and raised a flag over the USS Indianapolis National Monument.

Family members of survivors and crewmen lost at sea from the two ships have met via teleconference on several occasions and have found much in common. New friendships have been forged. HMS Dunedin’s Legacy Organization members sent us a video tribute to our 78th anniversary. These are their heartfelt words.

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