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NEVER GIVE UP! The Story of USS Indianapolis (CA-35) Webinar - Part 2

NEVER GIVE UP! The Story of USS Indianapolis (CA-35) Webinar - Part 2

PART 2 - Presented Thursday, March 18 at 7:00 PM (EDT), the Legacy education committee delivered the second half of the USS Indianapolis story, with the focus on the crew's ordeal at sea; the rescue crew and lost-at-sea families; life after the tragedy; the trial and exoneration of Captain Charles B. McVay III; and the discovery of the ship in 2017. The presenters included Survivor Dick Thelen; Jane Gwinn Goodall, daughter of rescue pilot Chuck Gwinn; Captain William Toti, skipper of Indy's namesake sub; and Sara Vladic, coauthor of the 2018 NYT bestselling book, INDIANAPOLIS. Jim Belcher, Jr., son of survivor Jim Belcher, will moderate the webinar. And in case you missed it, or would like to watch it again.... Part 1 is available on our YouTube channel, as well as at our website There you will find links to the recorded version, as well as the Part 1 Q&A—questions asked by Part 1 attendees and answered by the panelists. You can also access a comprehensive self-study guide (in Powerpoint format), as well as educational resources for kids! This two-part live educational event is a great opportunity for your kids and grandkids to hear this inspiring story of heroism, perseverance, and survival. This video and all of its content is protected by the USS Indianapolis CA-35 Legacy Organization. Permission for use must be requested in writing and sent to ©USS Indianapolis CA-35 Legacy Organization, 2021

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