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We are currently working on several projects that will include photos, rare documents, and a section on the final sailing crew, including the 316 survivors and the 879 lost at sea (we also would like to include those killed in the Kamikaze attack in March 1945, as well as the Rescue/Recovery & Former Crew). If you have photos of your loved one, your help is urgently requested.


Modern technology provides the opportunity to share the photo with us so that it may be included in these projects, without it ever having to leave your possession. 

Simply scan your photo and send it to us by form submission HERE OR via email. Please identify your loved one in the photo and send it to us at Admin@ussindianapolis.com.  

NOTE: THE DEADLINE FOR ANY IMAGES TO BE INCLUDED IN THE UPCOMING VIRTUAL REUNION WAS SATURDAY, JUNE 12. Any photos received after that time will be included in future projects, but we cannot guarantee their inclusion in the 2021 reunion tribute.

If you have photos, but are unable to access them at this time due to quarantine restrictions, please let us know. We'll do what we can to work with you.



If the name of your loved one is NOT on this list, that means we already have a photo for them on file.

ACOSTA, Charles Mack, MM3     
ADAMS, Leo Harry, S1*   
ADAMS, Pat Leon, S2             
ALLEN, Paul Franklin, S1
ANDERSON, Leonard Ole, MM3    
ANDERSON. Richard Lew, F2   
ANDREWS, William Robert, S2*  
ARMENTA, Lorenzo, SC2   

ARNOLD, Winston H. MM3****  
ASHFORD, John Thomas, Jr., RT3*  
AYOTTE, Lester James, S2    
BACKUS, Thomas Hawkins, LT. (jg)
BAKER, Daniel Albert, S2.
BAKER, William Marvin, Jr., EM2
BALDRIDGE, Clovis Rogers, EM1*   
BARNES, Willard Merlin, MM1     
BARRA, Raymond James, CGM
BARTON, George Sydney, Y3     
BENNETT, Ernest Franklin, B3     
BENNETT, Toney Wade, ST3     
BENNING, Harry, S1     
BERRY, Joseph, Jr., STM1     
BERRY, William Henry, ST3     
BIDDISON, Charles Lawrence, S1     
BILLINGSLEY, Robert Frederick, GM3     
BILZ, Robert Eugene, S2     
BLACKWELL, Fermon Malachi, SSML3   
BORTON, Herbert Elton, SC2     
BOSS, Norbert George, S2     
BOWMAN, Charles Edward, CTC     
BRAUN, Neal Fredrick, S2     
BRINKER, David Allen, PFC
BROWN, Edward Augustus, WT3     
BROWN, Orlo Norman, PFC
BUDISH, David, S2     
BURDORF, Wilbert John, COX*
BURKHARTSMEIER, Anton Tony, S1     
BURLESON, Martin Lafayette, S1     
BURT, William George Allan, QM3

BUSH, John Richard, PVT    
BUSHONG, John Richard, GM3

CAIN, Alfred Brown, RT3          
CALL, James Edward, RM3     
CAMP, Garrison, STM2     
CAMPANA, Paul, RDM3     
CAMPBELL, Wayland Dee, SF3

CANTRELL, Billy George, F2         
CARR, Harry Leroy, S2     
CARROLL, Gregory Krichbaum, S1     
CARROLL, Rachel Walker, COX     
CARSTENSEN, Richard, S2     
CHAMNESS, John Desel, S2*     
CHART, Joseph Gilbert, EM3     
CLARK, Eugene, CK3     
CLEMENTS, Harold Preston, S2     
CLINTON, George William, S1*     
COBB, William Lester, MOMM3
COLE, Walter Henry, CRM    
COLLINS, James, STM1     
COLVIN, Frankie Lee, SSMT2
CONDON, Barna Theodore, RDM1
CONNELLY, David Fallon, ENS  
CONSER, Donald Lynn, SC2     
COOK, Floyd Edward, SF3     
COOPER, Dale, Jr., F2     
COPELAND, Willard James, S2     
COSTNER, Homer Jackson, COX*     
COUNTRYMAN, Robert Earl, S2     
COWEN, Donald Rodney, FC3*     
COX, Alford Edward, GM3     
CRUM, Charles Junior, S2     
CRUZ, Jose Santos, CCK     
DANIELLO, Anthony Gene, S1     
DAVIS, Stanley Gilbert, LT (jg)     
DEAN, John Thomas, Jr., S2     
DENNEY, Lloyd, Jr., S2     
DEZELSKE, William Bruce, MM2*     
DIMOND, John Nelson, S2     
DORMAN, William Burns, S1     
DOSS, James Monroe, S2     
DOUCETTE, Roland Ordean, S2     
DOUGLAS, Gene Dale, F2*     

DOUGLAS, Marvin E., QM3****
DOVE, Bessil Raymond, SKD2
DOWDY, Lowell Stephan, CCM    
DRUMMOND, James Joseph, F2     
DRYDEN, William Howard, MM1*     
DUNBAR, Jess Lee, F2     
DURAND, Ralph Joseph, Jr., S2     
EAKINS, Morris Bradford, F2     
EDDY, Richard Leroy, RM3     
EDWARDS, Alwyn Curtis, F2     
ELLIOTT, Kenneth Albert, S1     
EMSLEY, William Joseph, S1     
ERNST, Robert Carl, F2     
ETHIER, Eugene Edwin, EM3*     
EVANS, Arthur Jerome, PHM2     
EVERETT, Charles Norman, EM2     
EVERS, Lawrence Lee, CMM    
FARBER, Sheldon Lee, S2     
FEENEY, Paul Ross, S2     
FELTS, Donald J., BM1*    

FERGUSON, Russell Myers, RT3      
FIGGINS, Harley Dean, WT2     
FIRMIN, John Alden Homer, S2     
FITTING, Johnny Wayne, GM1*     
FLEISCHAUER, Donald William, S1     
FLYNN, James Madison, Jr., S1     
FRANK, Rudolph Anthony, S2     
FRANKLIN, Jack Ray, RDM3     
FRENCH, Douglas Orrin, FC3     
FRITZ, Leonard Albert, MM3     
FRORATH, Donald Henry, S2     
GABRILLO, Juan, S2*     
GALANTE, Angelo, S2*     
GALBRAITH, Norman Scott, MM2*    

GARHART, John M., MM1**** 
GARDNER, Roscoe Wallace, F2*     
GARDNER, Russel Thomas, F2     
GIBSON, Curtis Woodrow, S2     
GIBSON, Ganola Francis, MM3     
GILBERT, Warner, Jr., S1     
GILL, Paul Edward, WT2     
GILMORE, Wilbur Albert, S2     
GISMONDI, Michael Vincent, S1     
GLADD, Millard, Jr., MM2*     
GLENN, Jay Rollin, AMM3*     
GODFREY, Marlo Roy, RM3     
GOLDEN, Curry, STM1     
GOLDEN, James LaVonne, S1     
GONZALES, Ray Adam, S2     
GOOD, Robert Kenneth, MM3     
GORECKI, Joseph Walter, SK3     
GOTTMANN, Paul James, S2     
GREENE, Samuel Gile, S1     
GREER, Bob Eugene, S2     
GREIF, Matthias Daniel, WT3     
GRIEST, Frank David, GM3     
GRIFFIN, Jackie Dale, S1     
GRIFFITHS, Leonard Sylvester, S2     
GRIGGS, Donald Ray, F1     
GRIMES, David Elimer, S2     
GROCH, John Thomas, MM3     
GUERRERO, John Gomez, S1     
GUYON, Harold Louis, F1     
HADUCH, John Martin, S1     
HALL, Pressie, F1     
HALLORAN, Edward George, MM3     
HAMRICK, James Junior, S2     
HANCOCK, William Allen, GM3     
HANKINSON, Clarence Winfield, F2     
HANSON, Harley Clarence, WO.*     
HARLAND, George Alfred, S2     
HARP, Charlie Hardin, S1     
HARPER, Vasco, STM1     
HARRIS, Willard Eugene, F2     
HART, Fred Junior, RT2*     
HAUBRICH, Cloud David, S2     
HAUSER, Jack Isaac, SK2     
HAYLES, Felix, CK3     
HAYNES, William Alexander, S1     
HEGGIE, William Arnold, RDM3

HEINZ, Richard Anthony, HA1          
HELLER, John Thomas, S2*
HELSCHER, Ralph John, S1     
HELT, Jack Edward, F2     
HENDERSON, Ralph Lewis, S1     
HENSLEY, Clifford, SSMB2
HERBERT, Jack Erwin, BM1     
HERNDON, Duane, S2     
HERSTINE, James Franklin, ENS.     
HILL, Joe Walker, STM1     
HILL, Richard Norman, ENS
HINES, Lionel Gordon, WT1     
HODGE, Howard Henry, RM2*     
HOLLAND, John Francis, Jr., PFC
HOLLINGSWORTH, Jimmie Lee, STM2     
HOOPES, Gordon Herbert, S2*     
HOPPER, Prentice William, S1     
HOPPER, Roy Lee, AMM1     
HORNER, Durward Richard, WO*     
HORR, Wesley Alan, F2     
HORRIGAN, John Gerard, F1     
HOUSTON, William Howard, PHM2     
HOV, Donald Anthony, S1     
HUBBARD, Gordon Roy, PFC
HUEBNER, Harry Helmut, S1     
HUGHES, Lawrence Edwin, F2     
HUGHES, William Edward, SSML2     
HUMPHREY, Maynard Lee, S2     
HUNTER, Arthur Riles, Jr., QM1     
HURLEY, Woodrow, GM2*     
HURT, James Edward, S2     
IGOU, Floyd, Jr., RM2     
JADLOSKI, George Kenneth, S2     
JAKUBISIN, Joseph Sylvester, S2     
JENNEY, Charles Irvin, LT
JEWELL, Floyd Raymond, SK1     
JOHNSON, Bernard John, S2     
JOHNSON, George Glen, S2     
JOHNSON, Sidney Bryant, S1     
JOHNSTON, Scott Albert, F2     
JONES, Jim, S2     
JONES, Kenneth Malcolm, F1
JONES, Stanley Fairwick, S2     
KARPAL, Daniel Lawrence, BM1     
KARTER, Leo Clement, Jr., S2     
KENLY, Oliver Wesley, RdM3*     
KENNEDY, Andrew Jackson, Jr., S2     
KENNEDY, Robert Arthur, S1     
KENWORTHY, Glenn Willis, CPL
KIGHT, Audy Carl, S1     
KILLMAN, Robert Eugene, GM3     
KING, Clarence, Jr., STM2     
KING, James Thomas, S1     
KINZLE, Raymond Arthur, BKR2*
KIRBY, Harry, S1     
KIRKLAND, Marvin Foulk, S1*     
KIRKMAN, Walter William, SF1     
KLEIN, Raymond James, S1     

KLUCARIC, Matt A., QM3****
KOLAKOWSKI, Ceslaus, SM3     
KONESNY, John Matthew, S1     
KOOPMAN, Walter Frederick, F2     
KOUSKI, Fred, GM3  

KOZIARA, George, S2*        
KREIS, Clifford Eddie, S1*     
KRON, Herman Edward, Jr., GM3     
KRONENBERGER, William Maurice, GM3
KRUEGER, Norman Frederick, S2*     
KUHN, Clair Joseph, S1     
KULOVITZ, Raymond Joseph, S2     
KWIATKOWSKI, Marion Joseph, S2     
LaFONTAINE, Paul Sylvester, S1     
LAKE, Murl Christy, S1     
LANDON, William Wallace, Jr., FCO2     
LANE, Ralph, CMMA*
LATIGUE, Jackson, STM1     
LATIMER, Billy Franklin, S1     
LATZER, Solomon, S2     
LEES, Henry W., PFC
LELUIKA, Paul Peter, S2     
LETIZIA, Vicencio, S2     

LeVIEUX, John Joseph, F2     

LEWELLEN, Thomas Edgar, S2     

LEWIS, James Robert, F2

LEWIS, John Robert, GM3     
LINK, George Charles, S1     
LINN, Roy, S1     
LINVILLE, Cecil Harrison, SF2     
LITTLE, Frank Edward, MM2     
LIVERMORE, Raymond Irving, S2

LOBATO, Epifanio, Jr., YN3****    
LOCH, Edwin Peter, S1     
LOCKWOOD, Thomas H., S2 *     
LOFTUS, Ralph Denis, F2     
LOHR, Leo William, S1     
LOMBARDI, Ralph, S1     
LONG, Joseph William, S1     
LOPEZ, Daniel Balterzar, F2*     
LORENC, Edward Richard, S2     
LOYD, John Francis, WT2     
LUCAS, Robert Andrew, S2*     
LUCCA, Frank John, F2*     
LUNDGREN, Albert Davis, S1     
LUTZ, Charles Herbert, S1     
MAAS, Melvin Adolphus, S1*     
MABEE, Kenneth Charles, F2     
MACHADO, Clarence James, WT2     
MAKAROFF, Chester John, GM3*     
MALENA, Joseph John, Jr., GM2*     
MALONE, Cecil E., S2     
MALONE, Michael Leo  Jr., LT (jg)     
MALSKI, Joseph J., S1*     
MANESS, Charles F., F2     
MANKIN, Howard James, GM3         
MARKMANN, Frederick Henry, WT1     
MARSHALL, John Lucas, WT2     
MARSHALL, Robert Wallace, S2     
MARTIN, Everett Gilliand, S1

MARTTlLA, Howard William, PVT    
MASSIER, George Arcade, S1     
MASTRECOLA, Michael Martin, S2     
MAXWELL, Farrell Jacob, S1*       
McCORKLE, Ray Ralph, S1     
McCORMICK, Earl Wayne, MOMM2
McCOSKEY. Paul Franklin, S1     
McCOY, John Seybold, Jr., M2     
McDANIEL, Jonny Alfred, S1     
McDONALD, Franklin Gilreath, Jr., F2     
McFALL, Walter Eugene, S2*     
McHENRY, Loren Charles, Jr., S1*     
McKENZIE, Ernest Eugene, S1 *     
McKLIN, Henry Theodore, S1*     
McLEAN, Dougald Bruce, Jr. EM3     
MEADE, Sidney Howard, S1     
MELICHAR, Charles Harry, EM3     
MELVIN, Carl Lavern, F1     
MENCHEFF, Manual Angel, S2     
MEREDITH, Charles Everett, S1*
MERGLER, Charles Marlen, RDM2     
MESSENGER, Leonard John, PFC

MEYER, Charles Thomas, S2*     
MICHAEL, Elmer Orion, S1     
MICHNO, Arthur Richard, S2     
MILLER, Walter Raymond, S2     
MILLER, Walter William, B1     
MILLS, William Harry, EM3

MINOR, Richard Leon, S1          
MIRICH, Wally Wayo, S1     
MITCHELL, James Edward, S2*     
MITCHELL, James Hamilton, Jr., SK1     
MITCHELL, Kenneth Edward, S1*     
MITCHELL, Paul Boone, FC3     
MITCHELL, Winston Cooper, S1     
MODESITT, GarI Elsworth, S2*  

MONCRIEF, Mack Daniel, S2        
MONKS, Robert Bruce, GM3     
MOORE, Donald George, S2     
MORSE, Kendall Harold, LT (jg)     
MORTON, Charles Wesley, S2     
MOWREY, Ted Eugene, SK3 *     
MROSZAK, Francis Alfred, S2     
MULDOON, John James, MM1*     
MURILLO, Sammy, S2     
MUSARRA, Joe, S1     
MYERS, Charles Lee, Jr., S2     
MYERS, Glen Alan, MM2     
MYERS, H. B. "Johnie", F2*        
NEAL, William Frank, PFC
NELSEN, Edward John, GM1*     
NEU, Hugh Herbert, S2     
NEVILLE, Bobby Gene, S2     
NEWELL, James Thomas, EM1     
NICHOLS, Joseph Lawrence, BM2     
NICHOLS, Paul Virgil, MM3     
NIELSEN, Carl Aage Chor, Jr., F1         
NIGHTINGALE, William Oliver, MM1*     
NISKANEN, John Hubert, F2     
NORBERG, James Arthur, CBMP*
NORMAN, Theodore Raymond, GM2     
OBLEDO, Mike Guerra, S1*     
O'BRIEN, Arthur Joseph, S2     
OLDEREN, Bernhard Gunnar, S1     
O'NEIL, Eugene Elbert, S1     
OSBURN, Charles William, S2     
OVERMAN, Thurman David, S2*     
PACHECO, Jose Cruz, S2*     
PAGITT, Eldon Ernest, F2     
PAIT, Robert Edward, BM2     
PANE, Francis William, S2     
PATTERSON, Alfred Thompson, S2     
PATZER, Herman Lantz, EM1     
PAYNE, George David, S2     
PENDER, Welburn Morton, F2     
PERKINS, Edward Carlos., F2*     
PERRY, Robert J., S2     
PETERSON, Avery Clarence, S2*     
PETERSON, Darrel Erskine, S1     
PETERSON, Frederick Alexander, MAM3 
PETERSON, Ralph Renny, S2**
PEYTON, Robert Carter, STM1     
PIERCE, Robert William, S2     
PIPERATA, Alfred Joseph, MM1     
PITMAN, Robert Fred, S2     
PITTMAN, Almire, Jr., ST3     
PODSCHUN, Clifford Albert., S2*     
POHL, Theodore, F2     
POKRYFKA, Donald Martin, S2     
POORE, Albert Franklin, S2     
POTRYKUS, Frank Paul, F2     
POWELL, Howard Wayne, F1     
POYNTER, Raymond Lee, S2     
PRATT, George Roy, F1     
PRIOR, Walter Mathew, S2     
RABB, John Robert, SC1     
RAGSDALE, Jean Obert, S1     
RAINES, Clifford Junior, S2     
RAINS, Rufus Brady, S1     
RAMIREZ, Ricardo, S1*     
RANDOLPH, Cleo, STM1               
REEMTS, Alvin Thomas, S1     
REESE, Jesse Edmund, S2     
REEVES, Robert Arnold, F2     
REGALADO, Robert Henry, S1     
REID, Curtis Franklin, S2*     
REID, James Edgar, BM2*     
REID, Tommy Lee, RDM3*     
REMONDET, Edward Joseph, Jr., S2     
REYNOLDS, Alford Pago, GM2*     
RHEA, Clifford, F2     
RICHARDSON, John Richard, S2     
RICHARDSON, Joseph Gustave, S2     
RILEY, Junior Thomas, BM2     
RINEAY, Francis Henry, Jr., S2*     
ROBISON, Gerald Edward, RT3     
ROBISON, John Davis, COX*     
ROBISON, Marzie Joe, S2     
ROCHE, Joseph Martin, LT
ROESBERRY, Jack Roger, S1     
ROGELL, Henry Tony, F1     
ROLAND, Jack Anderson, PHM1     
ROSE, Berson Horace, GM2     
ROTHMAN, Aaron, RDM3     
ROWDEN, Joseph Geren, F1     
RUSSELL, Robert Avery, S2**
RYDZESKI, Frank Walter, F1     
SAATHOFF, Don William, S2*     
SAENZ, Jose Anthony, SC3        
SAMANO, Nuraldo, S2     
SAMS, Robert Carol, STM2     
SANCHEZ, Alejandro Vallez, S2     
SAND, Cyrus Harvey, BM1     
SCHARTON, Elmer Daniel, S1     
SCHEIB, Albert Eddie, F2     
SCHLATTER, Robert Leroy, AOM3     
SCHLOTTER, James Robert, RDM3     
SCHOOLEY, Dillard Alfred, COX     
SCOGGINS, Millard Fillmore, Jr. SM2     
SCOTT, Burl (aka Birl) Down, STM2     
SCOTT, Hilliard, STM1          
SELL, Ernest Frederick, EM2     
SELLERS, Leonard Edson, SF3     
SELMAN, Amos, S2     
SEWELL, Loris Eldon, S2     
SHAFFER, Robert Patrick, GM3*

SHAND, Kenneth Wallace, WT2         
SHAW, Calvin Patrick, GM2     
SHELTON, William Enloe, Jr., SM2     
SHIELDS, Cecil Norris, SM2     
SHIPMAN, Robert Lee, GM3**
SIKES, Theodore Allan, ENS
SILCOX, Burnice Rufus, S1     
SILVA, Phillip Gomes, S1     
SIMPSON, William Edward, BM2*     
SITEK, Henry Joseph, S2*     
SLADEK, Wayne Lyn, BM1*     
SMERAGLIA, Michael, RM3     
SMITH, Charles Andy, S1     
SMITH, Henry August, F1     
SMITH, Kenneth Dean, S2     
SMITH, Olen Ellis, CM3     
SNYDER, John Nicholas, SF2     
SNYDER, Richard Redhaffer, S1 
SOLOMON, William, Jr., S2     
SPEER, Lowell Elvis, RT3     
SPINDLE, Orval Audry, S1     
STAUFFER, Edward Henry, 1st LT
STEVENS, George Golden, WT2*     
STONE, Dale Eugene, S2     
STRAIN, Joseph Mason, S2     
STRIPE, William Stanley, S2     
STUECKLE, Robert Louis, S2     
STURTEVANT, Elwyn Lee, RM3*     
SULLIVAN, William Daniel, PTR2     
SUTER, Frank Edward, S1*     
TALLEY, Dewell Emanuel, RM3     
TAWATER, Charles Hoyt, F1*     
THOMAS, Ivan Mervin, S1*     
TRIEMER, Ernst August, ENS

TRYON, Frederick Braum, BUG2         
TURNER, Charles Morris, S2*     
TURNER, William Clifford, MM2     
TURNER, William Henry, Jr., ACMM
UNDERWOOD, Ralph E., S1*     
WALKER, A. W., STM1     
WALKER, Verner B., F2*     
WALLACE, John, RDM3     
WATERS, Jack Lee, CY    
WATSON, Winston Harl, F2     
WELLS, Gerald Lloyd, EM3     
WENNERHOLM, Wayne Leslie, COX     
WENZEL, Ray Gunther, RT3     
WHALEN, Stuart Denton, GM2     
WHALLON, Louis Fletcher, Jr., LT (jg)     
WILLIAMS, Robert Louis, WO   
WILSON, Frank, F2     
WILSON, Thomas Beverly, S1     
YEAPLE, Jack Thomas, Y3    

ZOBAL, Francis John, S2