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8th Annual Honor Watch

July 30, 2023 - Indianapolis, IN

Families of those heroes lost at sea, and survivor family members, gathered on Sunday morning at our USS Indianapolis CA-35 Memorial by the canal in downtown Indianapolis on the 78th Anniversary of USS Indianapolis' sinking. Mike Clark, President of the Indianapolis ROLLING THUNDER Chapter 1, and fellow members, performed a Honor and Remembrance Ceremony for the 31 USS Indianapolis Hoosier Heroes who were lost at sea. Family members of these Hoosier heroes were in attendance. Harold Bray is our last USS Indianapolis living survivor. Kunshirou Kiyozumi, crew member of the I-58, the Japanese submarine which sank the Indy, is the last living survivor. Mr. Bray wrote a letter of peace to Mr. Kiyozumi. Several USS Indianapolis lost at sea family members, and a survivor family member wrote letters to Mr. Kiyozumi as well, including the granddaughter of the captain of the l-58. These letters, including Mr. Kiyozumi’s replies, were read at the ceremony, including sharing the journey of presenting Mr. Bray’s letter personally to Mr. Kiyozumi in Japan.

We are extremely grateful for your support during the past eight years. Thank you for honoring the 879 brave heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the precious freedoms we cherish today. To be remembered, is to live forever.

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