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2020 Commemorative Keepsake Book:

The year 2020 provides us an opportunity for reflection about the past and contemplation about the future. Time passes and memories fade if we don't share them.

Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the sinking of USS Indianapolis (CA-35) and the tragic loss of 879 Sailors and Marines, this book is dedicated to the men and families of USS Indianapolis (CA-35) who continue to inspire and remind us to "Never Give Up!".


Written by the USS Indianapolis CA-35 Legacy Organization, it is a comprehensive overview of the story of the heavy cruiser Indianapolis. Included is a 60-page photo gallery focused on the young men who served on the final sailing crew. More than hundreds of rare photos, images of the crew and rarely seen documents are included in this special keepsake book.

USS Indianapolis (CA-35) Commemorating Seventy-Five Years, 1945-2020 is available for print on demand purchase after July 30, 2020. The price is $40 per book. All proceeds benefit the Legacy Organization’s mission to preserve and perpetuate the story of USS Indianapolis (CA-35).  Please click this  link to purchase. 


Bronze Replica of the Congressional Gold Medal Acknowledging the Final Sailing Crew of USS Indianapolis CA-35:

The Congressional Gold Medal is one of the highest expressions of national appreciation for distinguished achievements and contributions in the United States. Awarded by Acts of Congress, it honors those, individually or as a group “who have performed an achievement that has an impact on American history and culture that is recognized as a major achievement long after the achievement”.  The Congressional Gold Medal will be awarded to the final sailing crew of Indianapolis on the 75th Anniversary of its sinking, July 30, 2020. The Medal will be permanently displayed at the USS Indianapolis (CA-35) Museum located in the Indiana War Memorials Building, Indianapolis, IN.

Persons interested in purchasing a bronze replica of the medal may order them directly from the United States Mint. The link to purchase is here.


2020 Challenge Coin:

This circle on the 2020 Challenge Coin reflects a story that will continue without end. The stars are symbols of the ten battles fought. The colors used are the red and gold of the Marine Corps, and the “official” navy blue and gold of the US Navy.

Photo Jul 19, 1 21 33 PM
Photo Jul 19, 1 21 33 PM

2020 Challenge Coin BOTTOM EDGE
2020 Challenge Coin BOTTOM EDGE

2020 Challenge Coin FRONT
2020 Challenge Coin FRONT

Photo Jul 19, 1 21 33 PM
Photo Jul 19, 1 21 33 PM


The dark blue ¾ circle represents the percentage of crew lost at sea and the ¼ grey at the bottom symbolizes the percentage of survivors. Heritage, honor and legacy are the foundation.


Limited copies of the 2018 Challenge Coin are also available. 

2020 Challenge Coins are SOLD OUT!



                       By Kirk Wolfinger, owner/Executive                               Producer/Director of Lone Wolf Media.

He sent originals home to his wife and his infant son prior to the ship's sinking - so a significant collection exists. Only 6 weeks old when he lost his father, Earl Jr is the executor of his Father’s work and keeper of his memory. It is about all he has. You will hear his story in our film and it is poignant (get out your handkerchief). If you’d like to own one of these wonderful prints, and there are many, Earl Jr makes them available and they're very affordable; it's a piece of history and art that can only be described as ‘unique’.

Tune in on Jan 8 (PBS) for the whole USS Indianapolis story.


Of the nearly 1200 men on the Indianapolis, one was Lt Cmdr. Earl O Henry (Sr). He was the ship’s dentist and he was also a terrific painter of birds; with no formal training, he spent his free time below decks painting these wonderful images from memory. He was probably hard at it at midnight when the ship was struck with torpedoes from a Japanese submarine.

Earl Henry.jpg
Kindle Cover.jpeg


Grab an e-Book copy for you and another for your  loved ones, by clicking here!

As agreed and voted upon by the USS Indianapolis survivors, 100% of all proceeds will go to a special account set up for keeping the book in digital and hardcover publication.  

We are accepting submissions for future updates.

If you are a family member of an Indy survivor who was unable to submit an entry for the book previously, please email us at admin@ussindianapolis.com so that we can make sure your loved one is included in future editions. There is also discussion about a book for the Lost at Sea crew happening in the near future!  Check back for more details soon!