Virtual Reunion Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a deadline to sign in or fee involved to attend the reunion?

A: The simple answer is “no, you can view the reunion without preregistering”. There are several formats in which the reunion events will be offered, including Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Some of them (for example, the live Zoom events) will require getting ready in advance by downloading the free meeting app at to your computer or personal device (Tablet, phone, etc.). There is NO FEE for the virtual reunion.

Q: What time zone is the schedule of events set to?

A: All of the events are set for Eastern Daylight Time. To participate in any of the Zoom events LIVE, you will need to adjust for your time zone.
• 1:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (Washington, DC)
• 12:00 pm Central Daylight Time (Chicago)
• 11:00 am Mountain Daylight Time (Denver)
• 10:00 pm Mountain Standard Time (Phoenix)
• 10:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time (Los Angeles)
• 9:00 am Alaska Daylight Time (Anchorage)
• 7:00 am Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (Honolulu)

Q:  Will I be able to participate at the Legacy Organization general meeting (event if I’m not a member)?

A: The general meeting is open to all interested persons. We encourage members and non-members to get to know Legacy Organization through this interaction. The team members have planned a fun, interactive opportunity for all. The meeting will be hosted by a moderator and supported by a technician. The meeting will include an announcement about next year’s in-person reunion. You won’t want to miss out!

Q: Which events will be LIVE via Zoom?

A: LIVE events include two Zoom meetings. All are welcome to attend.

Friday, July 30 7:00 pm (EDT) Virtual “Holding Court”
Saturday, July 31 1:00 pm (EDT) Annual Meeting Legacy Organization

Q: What is “Holding Court”?

A: Holding Court originated in the hotel lobby in Indianapolis after the reunion banquet dinners ended. People gathered around Survivors L.D. Cox, Glenn Morgan, and others to hear their stories. The laughter drew bystanders in, and this fun, informal event quickly became something everyone looked forward to. The “virtual” event will feature a panel of participants, including Lowell Dean Cox (son of L.D. Cox), Tom and Sharon Morgan (son and daughter-in-law of Glenn Morgan), as well as Survivor Dick Thelen, Captain Bill Toti, and other special guests Hunter Scott and Kim Roller, who will be sharing time-honored memories.

Q: How do I view the events that are “Live” Pre-recorded from the Monument?

A: Go to the USS Indianapolis Facebook page at the scheduled time on Friday, July 30, 2021, to view the Honor Watch” with Jim Belcher (son of James R. Belcher, S1c, Survivor), Michael William Emery (nephew of William Friend Emery, S1c, Lost-at-Sea), and other families and friends of USS Indianapolis (CA-35). If you are in Indianapolis, the Honor Watch begins at sunrise and concludes at sunset.

Q: Will there be a Memorial Service?

A: Yes, the Memorial Service is scheduled for Friday, July 30 at 11:00 am (Eastern Daylight Time). A highlight of this year’s event, the 2021 Memorial Service will be the first time that the entire final sailing crew will be recognized in this manner. The tribute lasts twenty-four minutes in length and features the names and photos (if available) of the 1,195 Sailors and Marines who were aboard Indy on that fateful day, July 30, 1945.

Q: What do the colors in the Memorial Service represent?

A: The black and white backgrounds for each of the crew members has special meaning.
Those lost-at-sea are set on a black background, and those who survived are framed against a backdrop of white. The contrast between those two colors is a stark reminder of the tremendous loss that befell the crew. Three out of every four shipmates perished. The men who served in the Marine detachment are framed in red borders. The lone photo framed in grey is that of a passenger, Captain Edwin M. Crouch who did not survive.

Q: Will there be educational events?

A: Yes, educational programs will be broadcast on the social media platforms beginning Saturday, July 24, 2021, and continue through the week. All events will be available for viewing at any time after they have been posted.

Q: What if I missed it? How can I view the events?

A: Go to and look for the links that will take you to our YouTube and Facebook pages. All events will be archived on those sites for viewing at any time.

Q: Can I purchase a book that has the crew photos in it?

A: Yes, a commemorative book entitled USS Indianapolis (CA-35), Commemorating Seventy-Five Years, 1945-2020 was completed by the Legacy Organization. Currently the book is published in its second revision. There is a 60-page yearbook style section in the book that features the final sailing crew. Order direct from or by following the link on our website. The price of the book is $40. All proceeds benefit the non-profit Legacy Organization’s programs and services to keep the story of USS Indianapolis (CA-35) and her crew alive and relevant.

Q: Can I purchase a bronze replica of the Congressional Gold Medal?

A: Yes, replica medals are available for purchase directly from the U.S. Mint at Information about the Congressional Gold Medal can be found on our website

Q: How can I purchase USS Indianapolis (CA-35) logo wear?

A: Our team has been hard at work finding quality logo wear items that will interest you. The online store will be announced at 3:00 pm (Eastern) on Saturday, July 24, 2021. The store will close August 8, one week after the reunion. Please refer to our website's merchandise link on the home page or find it by clicking HERE. Merchandise will be shipped after the online store closes.

Q: Will there be an online auction?

A: Yes, we will once again be partnering with 32Auctions to bring you an online auction experience. The auction opens on Wednesday, July 28 and closes on Saturday, July 31.

Q: What items are up for auction?

A: Auction items this year include books signed by Survivors (both living and deceased), a bronze replica of the Congressional Gold Medal, a Survivor-signed American Eagle print by LCDR Earl O. Henry, the ship’s dentist, as well as a Student Membership-commissioned stained-glass work of art representing USS Indianapolis (CA-35).

Q: How do I bid on an item?

A: The bidding will be open throughout the virtual reunion.

Q: How will I know if mine is the winning bid?

A: Winners of the online Auction will be announced at the conclusion of the reunion on Saturday, July 31.

Q: If mine is the winning bid, how will I claim my item?

A. Once your purchase is completed, we will ship your item directly to your shipping address of choice. Domestic shipping is included. International shipping will be the responsibility of the purchasers.