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Survivor & Chairman of the USS Indianapolis Survivor's Organization, Harold Bray, speaks on behalf of his shipmates about the future of the Indianapolis story and officially endorsing the CA-35 Legacy as the only organization charged with carrying the torch and representing the voice of the USS Indianapolis story for generations to come. 

Read Harold's message HERE, & learn more about the USS Indianapolis CA-35 Legacy organization by visiting their official web page at

An Important Note from Survivor & Chairman Harold Bray


CA-35 Legacy Organization


The mission of the USS Indianapolis CA-35 Legacy Organization is to promote and perpetuate the memory of all who served USS Indianapolis CA-35.


 ​To keep the legacy of the USS Indianapolis CA-35 crew and ship alive.​Preserve the opportunity to hold reunions that honor and memorialize the men of USS Indianapolis CA-35.


  • Provide resources that will inform others about the services and sacrifices of the men of USS Indianapolis CA-35.

  • Promote the story of USS Indianapolis CA-35 with the growing Indy “family” in mind, recognizing the unique contributions already being made on behalf of the Indy legacy, and coordinating efforts to promote and perpetuate the story.

  • Focus on Outreach and Communication using an engaging website which is maintained and updated regularly.

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