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What is a Gold Star Family?

Starting in World War I, the families of US soldiers and sailors often flew flags that had a blue star for each member of the family that was serving in the military. If one of them died in battle, the blue star was changed to a gold star. In August of 1947, the United States Congress authorized the military to present a gold star lapel pin to the family members of those killed in action. That first pin was a simple gold star on a purple background with a laurel wreath around the star. Another pin -- this time a gold star with a gold background and four oak sprigs around the star -- was authorized by Congress in 1973. It was awarded to the next of kin of service
members who died during military service. 

Lost at Sea Family - Badges















Ordering Information:
(217) 351-7958
Provide your name for your order. 
Also provide your telephone number. 
Badges will be blue with white letters as shown above. 
Name Badge:  $8.75/per badge, plus shipping 


When your order is ready, you will receive a call for your credit card payment information. 
All orders will be shipped via US Postal Mail.

Lost at Sea / Gold Star Family - Shirts





























The shirt has been designed specially for all Gold Star Family members. The cost is $32  (plus tax) for any size up to 6XL.         The color of the shirt is Navy with light gray lettering. The image of the ship is in two shades of gray. 

To place your shirt order, contact Marti McVey at Initial Inspiration

by calling (540) 943 - 1400


NOTE: Both the name tag and shirt are designed to be worn on occasions other than at just the
Indy reunion and can be ordered even if not attending the reunion. 

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