USS Indianapolis (CA 35) - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who compromises the USS Indianapolis Legacy Organization?

A. The Legacy Organization is almost completely comprised of family members of Survivors, Lost-at-Sea, recovery crew and former crew. The Legacy Organization has opened its membership to people who are connected to the story in some way, such as friends, reunion volunteers and others who have been involved in sharing the story of USS Indianapolis CA-35.

Q. Are the USS Indianapolis Survivor Organization reunions diminishing in attendance or stature?

A. Absolutely not. As we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis CA-35, we find it inevitable that the actual number of Survivors will decrease each year due to loss or inability to travel. However, the attendance at reunions by families of Survivors and Lost-at-Sea continues to see a steady increase. Each year brings new connections, and the enthusiasm grows. Relationships with the active duty Navy continue to improve, with several senior Navy officials in recent attendance. Targeted outreach, recent documentaries, books, films, and the discovery of the ship itself have provided opportunities to connect with new generations of family and friends linked to the story of Indianapolis. Speakers keep the topics fresh, engaging and informative, bringing honor and focus to the crew of USS Indianapolis CA-35. Merchandise sales are steady due to the popularity of the selections of logo wear items. There is a high percentage of return participants each year wishing to build on their knowledge and relationships.

Q. How do I find out more about the Legacy Organization?

A. Our dedicated website is here at this website, You can also follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well.

Q. Does the USS Indianapolis Survivors Organization support the Legacy Organization?

A. Live events include three Zoom meetings. All are welcome to attend. You must preregister. Thursday, July 30 3 pm (EDT) Q&A with Living Survivors Friday, July 31 3 pm (EDT) Lost at Sea Family Panel Saturday, August 1 3 pm (EDT) Annual Meeting Legacy Organization Go to the Zoom link on this page of the website and click on “Register” to watch live. If you receive a message that the Zoom meeting is full, you can still watch it on our Facebook page.

Q: Does the USS Indianapolis Survivors Organization support other auxiliary groups?

The Legacy Organization came from a grassroots movement among volunteers to actively support the USS Indianapolis Survivors Organization’s events and programs and bring honor to this historic ship and her crew. While other auxiliary groups have served the Survivors through the years, the Legacy Organization is the only group officially recognized and endorsed by the Survivors Organization.